I sell gift certificates for each of the services I offer. You can purchase one here and I can arrange shipping to you or directly to your recipient, and with Priority Mail, you can track delivery.
Pressed for time? Pick up one of my gift certificates from Nina at Up Front and Pleasant Gourmet. Don’t know what to get? Call me at (207) 779-6671 or send me an e-mail: I’ll help you choose the perfect gift!
  • half hour massage gift certificate
    Half-Hour Massage

    1/2 hour of massage therapy: great for focusing on that problem spot!

  • hour massage gift certificate
    Hour Massage

    An hour of massage therapy, polarity or craniosacral therapy. All sessions are customized to meet your recipient's individual needs!

  • gift certificates for 90 minutes of massage therapy
    90 Minute Massage

    An hour is never enough! Take the time to ease away the stress and tension.

  • warm stone massage gift certificate
    Warm Stone Massage

    Treat someone to the luxury of a warm stone massage! A full hour of massage, enhanced by the comfort of warm stones.

  • handcrafted soap
    Handcrafted Soap

    Your skin is your largest organ. Tend it well with soap made the old-fashioned way: no harsh additives or preservatives.

  • lotion bar and tin
    Lotion Bars

    A richly moisturizing lotion that is solid at room temperature and activated by your body heat. Each bar comes in a tin--perfect for travel!